TexMoot 2022

Starships, Stewards, and Storytellers

TexMoot 2022

Submit a Roundtable Topic!

Dear TexMoot 2019 Attendees:

In the afternoon at TexMoot 2019, we plan to have roundtable conversations on a wild variety of topics relating to Literature for ListeningHere’s the idea. From 1:30-3:00pm, you’ll choose one of the following three activities:

  1. Roundtable Discussions
  2. Creative Writing Workshop
  3. Podcasting Workshop

Information on the Workshops will be available soon. But if you choose to attend the roundtable discussions, you are invited submit a question you want folks to talk about. Note that you do NOT have to submit a question/topic in order to participate (and indeed, if everyone did, there’s no way we would get to talk about everybody’s!). But we hope we get quite a few great ones! We’ll choose from among the submissions. If yours is picked, you’ll get about 10 minutes during which you ask the question or pose the topic, and then everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts about it. We’ll set a timer, and we’ll moderate the chat to make it move along swimmingly. We hope these curated conversations will be lively, intellectually stimulating, inspiring, and perhaps even a bit challenging.

To submit a question, review this list of suggested topics. Write yours up (just a sentence or two), then email it to info@texmoot.org with the subject line “Roundtable Topic.” We will probably not be able to include all the topics that are submitted, but we’ll choose those we believe most conducive to hilarity, insight, or profundity. Have fun!

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