TexMoot 2022

Starships, Stewards, and Storytellers

TexMoot 2022

Saturday Night Party

After dinner (about which info will be released very, very soon!), TexMoot attendees are invited to reconvene for a delightful evening of fun and fellowship! Activities will include:

  • Creative Presentations 

Jay Sherer, a reading from Death of a Bounty Hunter
Paul Fortunato, a theatrical performance as Tom Bombadil
Aaron Cassidy, a performance from his audiobook narration of Kurt Frederick Mahler’s The Jaguar Oracle
Angela Hines and Charis Ellison, an example of collaborative fiction
Jack Wootton, a reading of original poetry

  • Costume Contest

You are invited to dress as a character from literature, mythology, film, gaming, history, or whatever else your imagination can devise and your wardrobe (or wallet) can realize. There may be prizes.

  • Dancing

Those who are so inclined may join in fun, casual dancing, with instruction and calls provided by Gary & Sørina Higgins. No prior dancing experience is required, and anyone will be able to participate in these simple-but-sophisticated dances. Selections may include the Virginia Reel, folk dances, contra, English country, line dancing, and maybe a teeny bit of ballroom.

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