TexMoot 2022

Starships, Stewards, and Storytellers

TexMoot 2022

Detailed Schedule

Here’s a preview of the papers, panels, and parties for TexMoot 2019! Don’t worry; you’ll get a paper program when you arrive.

Texmoot 2019
Detailed Schedule

Friday, Jan 18th, 2019

Pre-party, dinner, gaming, fellowship, and fun
at King’s Landing/Butter My Biscuit
Get all the details here.

Saturday, Jan 19th, 2019

8–9am      Registration 

9:00 Twenty-Minute Paper Sessions

PANEL I: Real-Life Oral Histories
Rooms 109–110; Moderator: Sørina Higgins
Steven Sielaff, “We Shall Lure Them to the Longform!”
Kari Johnson, “The Shiloh Voices Oral History Project”
Brooke Pillifant, “Stories Inside the Iron Hotel”

PANEL II: Traces of Speech in Speculative Fiction 
Room 108; Moderator: Tina Harden
Pete Unseth, “Proverbs in The Horse and His Boy
Trish Lambert, “Transmedial Tolkien”
Augusta Hardy, “Fan Fiction as Contemporary Oral Tradition” 

PANEL III: Epic and Novel Orality
Room 107; Moderator: Jeremy Morgan
Aaron Cassidy, “Amplification: Speeches of Praise in Paradise Lost”
Wesley Garey, “Arranging Divine and Human Speech in Lucy Hutchinson’s Order and Disorder”
Rachel Kilgore, “Drama For the Mind’s Ear: The Rise of the English Novel from Eighteenth-Century Drama”

PANEL IV: Germanic and Celtic Pre-Stories
Room 106; Moderator: Richard Rohlin
Paul Peterson, “Appositional Variation in Old Germanic Verse”
Stephen Carey, “Siegfried in France: The Oral Pre-History of the Nibelungenlied
Kelly Sauskojus, “Listening for Bach in Irish Drama: Fugal Structure in Riders to the Sea.”

11:00 Ten-Minute Paper Sessions

 PANEL V: Practical Palaver
Rooms 109–110; Moderator: Sørina Higgins
Carroll Crowson, “Communicating with iGen: How to Create On-demand Audio Content Through a Podcast”
Jay Sherer, “How to Grow Your Podcast Through Oral Storytelling”
Charis Ellison, “Infinite Iterations: Fanfiction and the Digital Transmutation of the Oral Tradition”
Rachel Glassford, “Blogs, Book Clubs, and Beyond”

PANEL VI: Movies and Music
Room 108; Moderator: Tina Harden
Travis Bridges, “The Concept Album: From the Beatles to Kendrick Lamar”
Katrina Bolman, “Hitchcock, Rohmer and Cinematic Storytelling”
Malcolm Harden, “The Dornishman’s Wife”
Sarah Tharp, “Animating Storytelling Sequences in Recent Family Films”

PANEL VII: Narrating in the Novel
Room 107; Moderator: Jeremy Morgan
Christine Norvell, “Nested Storytelling in Nineteenth-Century Authors”
Emily Austin, “‘Sing all ye people!’ The Power of Oral Tradition in Middle-earth”
Brittany Lawrence, “Elven Queens Should be Seen and Heard: Reading Tolkien’s ‘Namárië’”
Luke Sayers, “An Analysis of Orality in David Markson’s Wittgenstein’s Mistress

PANEL VIII: Story-telling Long Ago and Right Now
Room 106; Moderator: Richard Rohlin
Jacob Schreiner, “God of War and the Norse Oral Storyteller”
Duane Watson, “Robin Hood’s Origins in Oral Tradition”
Franny Moore-Kyle, “Who Can You Trust? Story-Telling in The Kingkiller Chronicles”
Cara Losier Chanoine, “Page and Stage for Posterity”

Noon: Welcome

Lunch downtown on your own; here is map and list of restaurants within walking distance.

1:30 Workshops

1. Roundtable Discussions: Lively moderated conversations on a variety of topics related to the symposium theme, hosted by Richard Rohlin. Rooms 109–110.
2. Creative Writing Workshop: reading aloud and helpful suggestions for revision, hosted by J. Aleksandr Wootton. Room 108. By RSVP only!
3. Podcasting Workshop: Q&A, brainstorming session, and group discussion about how to succeed in your podcast, hosted by Alan Sisto & Shawn Marchese. Rooms 106–107.

3:00 Cake with Corey

Join Dr. Olsen, “The Tolkien Professor,” to learn about the history of Signum University and the Mythgard Institute, celebrate recent successes, and find out ways to get involved. Rooms 109—110.

3:30 “Sing, O Muse” VIP Panel

Listen to special guests Luann Jennings, Shawn Marchese, Corey Olsen, and Alan Sisto talk about where oral genres survive and thrive today and how to find your own “voice” in an oral medium. Come prepared with questions. Ranger Rooms. 

5:00 Keynote by Alan Sisto & Shawn Marchese

Welcome to the mead hall! Here, you can enjoy a jointly-delivered plenary talk by the hosts of the Prancing Pony Podcast, all about the art and craft of podcasting as oral storytelling and a means of fostering virtual community.


at the Brazos Grille, Hilton Waco (by prior RSVP only)

8:00 Party!

In the Ranger Rooms at the WCC. Activities will include:

  • Creative Presentations hosted by J. Aleksandr Wootton
    Jay Sherer, a reading from Death of a Bounty Hunter
    Paul Fortunato, a theatrical performance as Tom Bombadil
    Aaron Cassidy, a performance from his audiobook narration of Kurt Frederick Mahler’s The Jaguar Oracle
    Angela Hines and Charis Ellison, an example of collaborative fiction
  • Costume Contest
    You are invited to dress as a character from literature, mythology, film, gaming, history, or whatever else your imagination can devise and your wardrobe (or wallet) can realize. There may be prizes.
  • Dancing
    Those who are so inclined may join in fun, casual dancing, with instruction and calls provided by Gary & Sørina Higgins. No prior dancing experience is needed, and anyone will be able to participate in these simple-but-sophisticated dances. Selections may include the Virginia Reel, folk dances, contra, English country, line dancing, and maybe a teeny bit of ballroom.

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