TexMoot 2022

Starships, Stewards, and Storytellers

TexMoot 2022

Choose a workshop!

Dear TexMoot 2019 Attendees:

In the afternoon at TexMoot 2019, from 1:30-3:00pm, you’ll choose one of the following three activities:

I. Roundtable Discussions

II. Creative Writing Workshop

III. Podcasting Workshop

Here are descriptions of each of these; you’ll soon receive an email with a link to RSVP for one of these activities.

I. Roundtable Discussions, led by Richard Image result for roundtable

These will be lively, curated conversations on a wild variety of topics relating to “literature for listening.” Please check out this page about how to submit a topic–but note that you do NOT need to submit a topic in order to participate! If your submission is picked, you’ll get about 10 minutes during which you ask the question or pose the topic, and then everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts about it. We’ll set a timer, and we’ll moderate the chat to make it move along swimmingly. We hope these curated conversations will be lively, intellectually stimulating, inspiring, and perhaps even a bit challenging.

II. Creative Writing Workshops, led by Jack Wootton: “Writing for Ears”

Image result for hobbit writingParticipants will be invited to read aloud a short piece or passage of original work (any genre, up to 1 page). We will draw on the Inklings’ modes of creative collaboration, as identified in Diana Glyer’s Bandersnatch, to brainstorm ways to refine content and style. Discussion will focus on cross-genre applications of technique, such as employing poetic devices for prose, rhetorical structure for exposition, narration, dialogue, etc, all with an ear toward producing written work that can be enjoyed (and/or contemplated) as well aurally as visually. Up to 13 Dwarves and 1 Wizard are welcome to attend. Each should bring a non-distracting note-taking device and at least 1 extra copy of the piece they wish to workshop. (Because our focus is on “Writing for Ears,” it is not necessary to provide printouts of original work for all participants).

III. Podcasting Workshop, led by Alan & Shawn (the Prancing Pony guys) 

Image result for podcastAlan Sisto and Shawn Marchese will bring their expertise as hosts of The Prancing Pony Podcast to share insights and ideas about being successful in your own podcast! They will start with a short introduction, and then they will run a Q&A, brainstorming session, and group discussion. So please come prepared with questions, thoughts, and experiences to share.

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