TexMoot 2019 schedule!

Dear TexMootians: Here’s a tentative schedule for Saturday, January 19th, 2019, at the Waco Convention Center. This schedule is subject to change, but we’ll update you […]

Submit a Roundtable Topic!

Dear TexMoot 2019 Attendees: In the afternoon at TexMoot 2019, we plan to have roundtable conversations on a wild variety of topics relating to Literature for Listening. Here’s […]

Inspiration for Paper Topics

Thinking of submitting a proposal to TexMoot 2019 but unsure exactly which direction to go? Consider these questions and others like them. Perhaps these will […]

TexMoot 2018 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the TexMoot! 9:00-10:15 Flash-Paper Presentations: 10-minute academic papers on the theme of healing in literature/literature in healing 10:15-10:30: Break 10:30-12:00 Flash-Paper and […]