TexMoot 2022

Starships, Stewards, and Storytellers

TexMoot 2022

2021 Schedule

Here is the SCHEDULE for TexMoot 2021 as it currently stands; please check this page again for any possible changes. Links for the webinars will be sent to registrants shortly before the event.

(All Times U.S. Central; i.e., EST -1, GMT -6)

FRIDAY, February 12th

Gaming from 8:00pm until the Witching Hour. Thengel King has urgent need of brave adventurers! Several steadings have been attacked, animals have been slain, and rumors abound that Dunlendings are killing and eating the horses of the Mark! One Ring RPG Loremaster Richard Rohlin will delight and terrify with Blood in the Snow, an adventure set in the hills and valleys of Rohan. 

SATURDAY, February 13th 

8:45 in Waco and/or the Hallway: Sign in and check your technology
9:00 in Waco: Welcome!

9:15 Session I

in Dallas: Theologies of Embodiment in Milton & Kingsley
Christian Dickinson, “Charles Kingsley’s Theology of Embodiment”
Aaron Cassidy, “The Embodiment of Innocence in Paradise Lost

in Houston: Form & Spirit in Place, Space, & Women’s Bodies
Carla Alvarez, “The Impact of Form on Spirit in The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo”
Elizabeth Olaoye, “Environmental Scars on Women’s Bodies”

10:00 Session II

in Dallas: Suffering & the Soul: Theological Meditations Ancient & Medieval
Micah Snell, “Socrates’ Noble Risk of the Soul, Jesus’ Nobler Risk of the Body”
Jonathan Kanary, “Shared Suffering in the Crucifixion Meditations of Nicholas Love and Julian of Norwich”

in Waco: Digital Consciousness, Rebirth, & Religion
Shawn Marchese, “Reconstructing the Self: Modes of Rebirth in Fantasy and Science Fiction”
David Schones, “Religious Symbolism and Digital Consciousness: Religion and Embodiment in Amazon’s Upload

11:00 in Waco: Keynote Speech by Dr. Sara Brown, “Written on the Body: Cyborg Theory and Understanding Humanity in the 21st Century

<12:00 Lunch Break; you’re welcome to hangout in the Hallway, where Sparrow Alden will be your social host>

1:00 in Waco: Growing All the Time: Signum University Update with President Corey Olsen

1:30 Session III

in Houston: Write/Create Workshop led by Ashley Soden

in Waco: Embodied Impairment, Invisible Disabilities, & Multi-Abilities
Christine Norvell, “Leading Limps in YA Fiction”
Jeana Moody, “Blood sucking sucks: Vampirism as an embodied impairment and social disability”
Lynn Schlesinger, “What you can’t see…Invisible & Hidden Disabilities and Embodiment”

3:00 Session IV

in Dallas: WriterSpace Flash Mob Workshop led by Sparrow Alden

in Waco: Faces and Bodies in the Writings of C. S. Lewis
Sarah Waters, “’Faces, faces, faces! What are you all gaping at?’: Face-to-Face Interaction in a Masked World”
Brenton Dickieson, “Is C. S. Lewis too sexy for America?”

in Houston: Racism and Disability in Tolkien’s Legendarium
Zak Schmoll, “I Can Carry You!”
Joe Ricke, “Swarthy Bodies and Pale Goodness”

4:00 in Waco: Do You Need Some Body to Dance? Get up out of your chair and learn a few ballroom dance moves with Sørina Higgins (aka the Dark Lady of the Dance Floor)

5:00 Session V

in Waco: Light Bodies and Grave Love: A Dramatic Reading of George MacDonald’s The Light Princess, directed by Joe Ricke

in Houston: On Stage and on the Catwalk
Sirsha Nandi, “‘Fashion is gratifying the well-being and happiness of the senses’: An Examination of Body and Fashion Aesthetics on Social Media”
Abigail Dillard, “Give Yourself Permission to Embody Space Beyond the Zoom Screen”

in Dallas: Cyborgs & Science Fiction
Nadia Schafer, “I Am Cyborg (And So Are You): Discussing Donna Haraway’s ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’ as a Lens for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Julie Dick, “The Long-Distance Relationship of River Song and the Doctor”

6:00 in Waco: Happy Hour hosted by the Tolkien Professor