Here is the tentative schedule for TexMoot 2020! Subject to change. 

Optional Friday Activities, Feb. 7th:

4:00 Honors College Address by Corey Olsen: “Luckwearer: Providence & Luck in The Hobbit” (Dillon 2 in the Hinton Center)
Free & open to the public.
6:30 Dinner at the Richmond Arms Pub
5920 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77057
Open to all registered attendees and their guests.
Cost not included in registration.

SATURDAY, Feb 8th:

8:00 Registration in Hinton 1

9:00 Welcome in Hinton 1

9:30 Roundtables:

I. Classical through Late Medieval (in Hinton 123)
Hannah Gerhardt: “Apocalypse and Worship in The York Cycle”
Paul Fortunato: “‘What we do in life echoes in eternity’: Dante’s Vision for our Future.”
Wesley Garey: “Rewriting Virgilian Prophecy in Early Modern Biblical Epic”

II. Nietzsche (in Hinton 125)
moderator: Sørina Higgins
Rudolph Esparza: “Icarus Division: Transhumanism as Social Stratification”
John MacDonald: “A Nietzschean Future: Avoiding Tragedy”

III. Tolkien (in Hinton 126)
moderator: Jason Smith
Richard Rohlin: “The Great-Rood Screen: Tolkien’s Medieval Apocalypse”
Megan Fontenot: “Returning to the Scene of Victory: Apocalypses in the Climactic Moments of The Lord of the Rings.”
Brittany Lawrence: “‘It’s a Gift’: Niggle’s Revelation.”

11:00 Plenary Roundtable (in Hinton 1)
Corey Olsen, “The Final Victory”
Moderated by Sørina Higgins

noon Lunch on your own. 

1:30 Roundtable or Workshop

Roundtable IV: Film I (in Hinton 1)
Moderator: Richard Rohlin
Phil Tallon: “Ecological Disasters: Climate Change, Critical Flops, and Secularized Eschatology”
Joshua Sikora: “The Everlasting Moment: Enchantment and Myth in Stanley Kubrick’s Robotic Futures”

Creative Writing Workshop (in Hinton 123)
“Revealing Thru Unrest: Disquieting Techniques to Awaken the Reader.”
Hosted by Write/Create.

3:00 Roundtables

V. Film II (in Hinton 123)
Richard Rohlin, presenter/moderator: “Lifting the Veil: Dystopia and The End of the World as We Know It as Apocalyptic Literature”

VI. Orwell or Huxley? (in Hinton 125)
Donald Catchings: “Orwell’s 1984, 70 Years Later: Are We the Dead?”
Jason Smith, presenter/moderator: “Battle of the Dystopian Prophets: Orwell vs. Huxley”

VII. Shakespeare (in Hinton 126)
Moderator: Sørina Higgins
Aria Dang: “Tomorrow’s Gods: Alchemy and Wonder Within Shakespeare’s Pericles”
Emma Perry: Reuniting in Glory: The End Times in Shakespeare’s Pericles”
Micah Snell, “The Eschatological Nature of Cymbeline.”

4:30 Keynote Speech in Hinton 1
Trish Lambert, “Robots on Film:
Friend, Fiend, and Dystopia”

That’s all, folks!